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Zodiac Signs And Their Correlated Tarot Cards

Astrology & Tarot cards - Astrology dates back to ancient times, and so does a tarot reading. While astrology is based on mathematical calculation, the tarot reading is based on the intuition power of the reader while he/she reads the cards. The zodiac signs and tarot cards have a connection, and with the combination of the readings of these both aspects, better predictions can be revealed. The focus of these both sciences is different while the Tarot cards focus on the myths & intuition power of the astral world, the Astrology focuses on the movement & position of the celestial bodies with respect to the individual.

Both these methods help the querent to become aware of themselves, improve the quality of their lives, and get spiritually enlightened.

In modern times, tarot apps have become very popular to take some important decisions of life and make predictions.

Zodiac Signs Tarot Cards What's Your Card

One such application is Tarot Life, which is free to download tarot card reading app, and gives multifaceted insights about love, finance, career, etc. It also has features like :

  • Daily Tarot: It depicts the significant happenings of the day.
  • Yes/No tarot: Quick solution to the prevailing issue without wasting time.
  • Ask A question: The querents can find their solution to their worries.
  • Numerology: Gives insights about various numbers like life path, destiny, maturity & personality, and predictions

The Deep Connection

In the real world, Astrology plays a pivotal role in the interpretation and finding out the meaning of the cards. When the order of the golden dawn emerged which is considered to have a deep connection with the spirituality & astrology, then it linked the astrology and tarot reading big time. People started to find the relevance between the planets and tarot cards, and several others spreads emerged because of the same like the Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn, BOTA & Thoth Tarot.

Difference Between Astrology & Tarot

The fundamental difference between the tarot courts cards and zodiac signs/Astrology lies in the way the people perceive them. The base of the astrology is mathematics, and the astrologers were actually called as mathematicians in the ancient times. People believe in astrology because of the calculations involved, whereas Tarot entirely depends on the intuition power of the reader and the way he/she reads it and find the meaning. The basic fundamental of Tarot card reading is to draw the statements from coincidences and making interpretations.

What Tarot Cards Represent Which Zodiac Signs

The connection or the relationship between the tarot court cards and zodiac signs are as follows:-

  • Aries: The corresponding card is the Emperor that depicts loyalty & dependability. It shows that you stand by your friends through thick and thin by using your robust power and analytical ability.
  • Taurus: The corresponding card is Hierophant, and it is considered to be the symbol of wisdom & knowledge. It shows the tendency of the folks to look for higher truth. It is done through tried and tested methods.
  • Gemini: The corresponding card is “The Lovers,” which is the symbol of the dual nature. You may take a low or high road while making a moral choice.
  • Cancer: The corresponding card is the Chariot, which is the symbol of combating the conflicts of life and following a steady road. It also means the love for the freedom where intuition can be used to win the race.
  • Leo: The corresponding tarot card is the strength, and it shows physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional power. This enables to overcome the obstacles and troubles.
  • Virgo: The corresponding card is Hermit, and it depicts the need to concentrate on life and take things a bit easy instead of too quick.
  • Libra: The corresponding card is Justice, and it depicts the situation in which people become tough and do not consider feelings & emotions while taking a fair decision.
  • Scorpio: The corresponding card is death, and this is the symbol of transformation & change. It is like rebirth and creates a mystery which everyone gets curious about.
  • Sagittarius: The corresponding card is Temperance, and it is the symbol of the ability to take balanced judgments with awareness and understanding. It depicts that you are a gifted mediator.
  • Capricorn: The corresponding card is a devil which enables you to swap the doubts/negativity with a great vision & confidence.
  • Aquarius: The corresponding card is a star, and it depicts the positive attitude & motivating others to give their best too.
  • Pisces: The corresponding card is Moon, and it depicts frequently changing moods and the nice nature of helping others.

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